Pressegger See

Swimming, adventure and relaxation...

The beautiful Pressegger See lake is surrounded by mountains, forests and meadows. The diversity of its natural surroundings is matched by the diversity of options and activities that guests visiting the lake can enjoy during the summer months.

With temperatures of up to 28°C, it is easy to see why the lake is referred to by locals as the "bathtub of the Gailtal Valley". Its exceptionally warm waters mean that it is one of the first swimming lakes in Carinthia to open each summer. One of the reasons why the Pressegger See is so warm is the large amount of sunshine the Nassfeld region enjoys. Another highlight is the quality of the water, which is clean enough to drink.

Situated at the heart of Austria's second-largest reed belt, the lake is a great place to discover the flora and fauna native to the Gailtal Valley. Plants such as the common mare's tail and the yellow water-lily can be found among the lush reeds that often grow up to three metres high.

In the lake itself there are twelve different species of fish, while the plants, trees and forests around the shore are home to a number of bird species and rare dragonflies. A great opportunity for all the family to experience nature at first hand!


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